Anthony (Tony) W. England

Professor, AOSS and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
(734) 763-4849

Tony England’s research has spanned broad aspects of electromagnetic sensing of the Earth and planets. He helped develop ice sounding radar and used early radars to study polar glaciers in Antarctica, tidal glaciers in Alaska, and alpine glaciers in Washington State.  He was first to identify and theoretically model the frequency dependent scatter darkening of microwave brightness as a diagnostic characteristic of snowpacks, frozen soil, sea ice, and planetary regoliths.  He was among the first to combine the intrinsically high temporal resolution observations of satellite microwave radiometers with high physical fidelity hydrologic and snowpack models to improve model estimates of land surface energy and moisture fluxes, and, most recently, invented a new passive technology, Wideband Autocorrelation Radiometry (Wideband AR), to deterministically sense Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) and freshwater ice thickness.