Gregory A. Keoleian

Director, Center for Sustainable Systems
Peter M. Wege Professor of Sustainable Systems, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
co-Coordinator, Engineering Sustainable Systems Program
(734) 764-3194

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 1987, University of Michigan
M.S.E. Chemical Engineering, 1982, University of Michigan
B.S.E. Chemical Engineering, 1980, University of Michigan
B.S. Chemistry, 1980, University of Michigan

Research Interests: 
Dr. Keoleian co-founded and serves as director of the Center for Sustainable Systems. His research focuses on the development and application of life cycle models and metrics to enhance the sustainability of products and technology. He has pioneered new methods in life cycle design, life cycle optimization of product replacement, life cycle cost analysis and life cycle based sustainability assessments ranging from energy analysis and carbon footprints to social indicators. Systems studied include alternative vehicle technology, renewable energy systems such as photovoltaics and willow biomass electricity, buildings and infrastructure, information technology, food and agricultural systems, household appliances, and packaging alternatives. Professor Keoleian currently teaches interdisciplinary graduate courses on Sustainable Energy Systems and Industrial Ecology and co-directs the Engineering Sustainable Systems Dual Degree Program and the Rackham Graduate Certificate Program in Industry Ecology.