Gregory Tarlè

Greg Tarle
Professor of Physics
College of Literature, Science and the Arts
(734) 763-1489
  • California Institute of Technology B.S. 1972
  • University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. 1978.
Research Interests: 
Professor Tarlé's research focuses on the nature of dark energy and dark matter and the acceleration and sources of cosmic rays. The Dark Energy Survey (DES) is an imaging survey that will employ multiple techniques (Galaxy Clusters, Weak Lensing, Supernovae and Baryon Acoustic Oscillations) to explore the nature of Dark Energy. DES consists of a giant wide-field camera deployed on the Blanco 4-m telescope at the Cerro-Tololo Interamerican Observatory in Chile. The first light is in Fall 2011. The Big Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BigBOSS) is a massive spectroscopic survey that will collect high-resolution spectra of tens of millions of galaxies over a 5-year period. BigBOSS consists of a robotic 5000-fiber spectrograph that will be deployed on the Mayall 4-m telescope at KPNO. It will tightly constrain the Dark Energy equation of state by studying the evolution of the BAO feature in three dimensions. PandaX will be the first 1 Ton liquid Xe detector to perform a direct search for dark matter. It will consist of a dual phase LXe Time Projection Chamber located in the Jinping II Hydropower tunnel in China. The Cosmic Ray Electron Synchrotron Telescope (CREST) is a balloon experiment designed to determine the mechanism for acceleration of cosmic ray electrons. Circling the continent of Antarctica for several weeks, CREST will measure the synchrotron radiation generated by ultrahigh-energy electrons in the Earth’s magnetic field. At energies of several TeV and above, individual sources should reveal themselves in the energy spectrum.