• 09/14/18

    Energy in the News: Friday, September 14

    – “A Review on Energy, Environmental, and Sustainability Implications of Connected and Automated Vehicles” was accepted by Environmental Science and Technology last week, featuring Ming Xu. – This week’s Energy Economics Briefing: Shining a Light on Coal Consumption. Learn more about the briefings, and sign up to receive them each…

  • 09/07/18

    Energy in the News: Friday, September 7

    Got grant or publication news you’d like to share? Send it our way. –Lots of DOE News this week: Andre Boehman, Brad Cardinale and Levi Thompson have together received a $2 million DOE award for an algae-to-fuels and cleaner combustion project. Andre’s put together a detailed project summary you can…

  • 08/31/18

    Energy in the News: Friday, August 31

    -Announcement: Click here to check out this LG Chem startup innovation competition for new battery technologies and business models. -Congratulations to Don Siegel for his receipt of the Secretary of Energy’s Achievement Award for his work on the JCESR project! -Greg Keoleian is a co-author of “Global carbon intensity of…

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