Energy in the News: Friday, July 24

Friday, July 24, 2015

States wavering on standards for renewable energy


Michigan utilities met the state's standard this year, generating 10 percent of their electricity from renewable sources. Now, to reduce carbon emissions, some people in the state want to see the bar raised to 20 percent or higher, but paying for it remains controversial.

“What we found is that doubling our RPS would add about $1.70 per month for a typical consumer,” says Jeremiah Johnson, a professor at the School of Natural Resources at the University of Michigan.

According to his research, the cost per household to double Michigan’s RPS is relatively small, as is the cost to industry, say for example, a car company.

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Net metering proposal is a step backward for Michigan, critics argue

Midwest Energy News

Clean-energy advocates are roundly criticizing a new statewide energy proposal from Michigan Republicans, claiming it is a broad giveaway to protect investor-owned utilities’ profits.

“I think it is pretty much what the utilities wanted,” added Mark Barteau, director of the University of Michigan’s Energy Institute. “Quite frankly, it’s hard to see how this could be any more favorable had it been written by utility lobbyists. It removes standards and basically gutted net metering that makes installation of your own solar panels much less favorable than it was before.”

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A ride around Michigan’s driverless city

MIT Technology Review

The streets of a new neighborhood on the edge of Ann Arbor, Michigan, seem remarkably clean and peaceful. For automated cars, however, they represent daunting challenges.

The University of Michigan opened the area, called Mcity, this week, as a place for automotive companies and suppliers to test technology for automated and connected driving. The facility was built in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Transportation and with funding from numerous automakers and suppliers, who will have access to the area to test their technology in different situations.

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DTE Energy reports second quarter 2015 results, raises guidance

PR Newswire

DTE Energy (NYSE: DTE) today reported second quarter 2015 earnings of $109 million, or $0.61 per diluted share, compared with $124 million, or $0.70 per diluted share, in 2014.

Gerry Anderson, DTE Energy's chairman and CEO, said the financial results for the first six months provide not only a strong foundation for the balance of the year, but also the basis for the company to raise its full-year earnings guidance. The results, he added, also reflect the company's ongoing commitment to improve operations and reduce costs.

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Going for gold with Aurum

R&D Magazine

As the white curtain fell, onlookers received their first glimpse of Univ. of Michigan’s 13th solar vehicle, which will compete in this October’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Bright yellow and deep blue with a low body and a flat top, the car features an offset cockpit which resembles a submarine sail.

“We started designing Aurum in October 2013, but you can say the design has been 25 years in the making,” says Pavan Naik, the solar car team’s project manager and an industrial and operations engineering student at the university, in an interview with R&D Magazine.

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