Battery Lab launches battery manufacturing short course

Friday, March 24, 2017
Bruno Vanzieleghem

This summer, an instructional team of battery experts from industry and the University of Michigan will teach a short course in battery manufacturing. The course runs from June 19-22.

The program outline is listed below with a brief description of the topics and learning objectives that will be covered.  Course instructors are experts in the various aspects of battery manufacturing, with extensive real-world expertise. The classroom instruction will be complimented with hands-on instruction in the Battery Lab at the University of Michigan. The cost for this course is $1500. 

Battery manufacturing COURSE OUTLINE

Day 1:

Introduction to Battery Design and Safety

Instructor: Larry Beck, Energy Storage Consultant

  • What are the key components of a battery and what are the variables that affect their performance and safety?
  • ​How do you safely handle batteries in a prototyping environment?

Day 2:

Mixing and Rheology

Instructor: Dr. Bernhard Stalder, Senior Technologist Battery Solutions, Bühler AG

  • Mixing and rheology testing of electrode slurries
  • Wet grinding of LIB precursors and active materials
  • ​Introduction to the various coating methods

Day 3:

Battery Testing & Characterization

Instructor: Prof. Bart Bartlett, University of Michigan   

  • Basics of electrochemistry
  • Key principles of battery cycling
  • Characterization tools relevant to battery development

Day 4:

Hands-on demonstration of battery manufacturing

Instructor: Dr. Greg Less, Senior Battery Manager, University of Michigan Battery Lab

  • Slurry prep, coating, calendering
  • Cell assembly
  • Cell testing

Next-generation battery chemistries

  • Solid state batteries (Prof. Jeff Sakamoto)
  • Metal-air batteries (Prof. Neil Dasgupta)
  • Flow batteries (Prof. Levi Thompson)
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