Johannes Schwank

James and Judith Street Professor of Chemical Engineering
Principal Investigator, REFRESCH (Researching Fresh Solutions to the Energy/Water/Food Challenge in Resource-Constrained Environments)

Johannes Schwank is the James and Judith Street Professor of Chemical Engineering and the Principal Investigator on the REFRESCH project. His research focuses on a wide range of energy topics, including synthetic fuel production via advanced Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and aromatization of olefins; autothermal reforming of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel for fuel cell-based auxiliary power units; development of coke- and sulfur-resistant solid oxide fuel cell anode catalysts; NOx trap, selective catalytic reduction, and three-way catalysts for automotive emission control; photocatalytic water splitting and CO2 reduction; catalytically enhanced conversion of biomass in ionic liquids; development and characterization of nanostructured materials for gas sensing and energy storage applications.

Research Interests: 
Research in the Schwank group is directed toward finding and developing novel solutions to the problem of energy production, storage, and utilization in the transportation, distributed generation, and chemical process sectors.