Facility Specifications

Facility Specifications

The lab includes the following equipment:

Laboratory Scale
Pilot Scale
Buhler: Hivis Disper Mix 3D-5
Buhler: Hivis Mix 2p-03
Primix: FILMIX 56-30
TA Instruments: DHR2 Rheometer
Mathis Labcoater
CIS: Multicoating Type
CIS:  150°C
CIS: 2kN/cm, 150°C
Electrode Preparation
CIS:  manual electrode punches
CIS: slitting machine
mPlus: prismatic electrode punches
mPlus: prismatic electrode punches
Cell Assembly
Toyo: coin cell de-crimper
Toyo: coin cell crimper

KOEM 18650 cell winder
mPlus: 18650 cell assembly
mPlus: prismatic cell assembly

Maccor System #1
Channels: 10
Current: 50A
Voltage: 0-5V
Thermal Chamber
Maccor System #2
Channels: 56
Current: 10A
Voltage: 0-5V
Thermal Chamber
Maccor System #3
Channels: 20
Current: 150µA - 5A
Voltage: 0-5V
Thermal Chamber
Maccor System #4
Channels: 96
Current: 30µA - 1A
Voltage: 0-5V
Thermal Chamber
Thermal Hazard Technology: Accelerated Rate Calorimeter
Luna: Fiber Optic Strain and Temperature Gauge
Hitachi: S3500N SEM
Princeton Applied Research Scanning Electrochemical Probe Microscope
Solartron 1260 and ModuLab (attached to Maccors 2&4, 16 channels each)  Impedance Analyzers
Rigaku MiniFlex 600 Table-top X-ray Diffractometer
Vacuum Atmosphere Genesis Globe Boxes
Horiba Micro Raman Spectrometer


Equipment still being sourced:

Heat and work

  • cell cyclers
  • thermal chambers
  • inert atm. glove boxes
  • computational power

Before and after characterization

  • particle size analyzer
  • X-ray diffraction
  • scanning electron microscopy

Interrogating live reactions

  • Raman spectroscopy
  • electrochemical impedance
  • scanning electrochemical
  • probe microscopy