User Resources

User Resources

The battery lab is an open user facility capable of testing single cells, handmade cells, and batches of up to 25 semi-automated pilot-line cells. The lab is expected to be operational by May 2015.

Unique Science Questions Enabled by this Open Innovation Battery Lab

…for mature technologies

  1. What chemical reactions at the solid-electrolyte interface decrease battery cycle life? How can we prevent these disadvantageous reactions?
  2. How is heat dissipated inside the battery as it’s charged and discharged? How can we make batteries safer?
  3. How does the material you start with in the fabrication lab change throughout the cycle life? What new materials can we develop?

…for emerging technologies

  1. Since air and moisture are sworn enemies of many technologies, what promising candidates have we missed due to inadequate test facilities?
  2. Are current industry standard fabrication techniques compatible with these new technologies? How can we redesign the fabrication process to accommodate new battery chemistry?