U.S. China Clean Energy Research Center – Clean Vehicles Consortium

As the world’s largest automobile markets, the United States and China lead the world in oil consumption, importing more than half the petroleum they consume. The CERC-Clean Vehicles Consortium seeks to reduce this oil consumption by supporting the joint research of the nations’ leading experts in clean vehicle technologies. The University of Michigan’s Prof. Huei Peng and Tsinghua University’s Prof. Minggao Ouyang lead this effort.

The $50 million CERC Clean Vehicles Consortium, sponsored in part by the U.S Department of Energy and the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, leverages the expertise of engineering, natural science, and the social science thought leaders. With partners from academia, national laboratories and industry, this coalition is uniquely positioned to develop global solutions to the challenges of creating next generation clean vehicles and the policies that support them.

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