About Anna Stefanopoulou, Energy Institute Director

Anna Stefanopoulou, a mechanical engineer with an expertise in modeling, control and optimization of internal combustion engines, batteries and fuel cells, is the director of the University of Michigan Energy Institute.

Stefanopoulou is working with a multidisciplinary group of campus faculty to knit the University’s automotive expertise and heritage with its grid experts. The goal: realizing a sustainable, fully integrated transportation and electricity future. Energy is at the heart of transportation’s emergent shift, and tying mobility to renewable energy, energy storage, and distributed load management has exciting implications for U-M and beyond.

As director, Stefanopoulou is developing a strategic vision for the institute, which she and fellow faculty helped launch in 2006. She also facilitates and supports faculty research and engagement opportunities across campus in all areas related to energy.

Prior to her appointment at the Energy Institute, Stefanopoulou served as director of the Automotive Research Center, a multi-university U.S. Army Center of Excellence in Modeling and Simulation of Ground Vehicles led by U-M.

Stefanopoulou joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering in 2000 after working at the University of California, Santa Barbara and in the automotive industry, where she developed algorithms and calibrations for highly efficient and advanced powertrains.

She earned three degrees from U-M: a master’s degree in naval architecture and marine engineering, and a master’s degree and Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science. Her multidisciplinary work and leadership have been recognized by three of the largest engineering societies with the fellow distinction. Stefanopoulou also has co-authored influential reports on the cost effectiveness of fuel-efficient technologies for light-duty vehicles, sponsored by the National Research Council, to help inform policymakers.