Advisory Board

The Energy Institute’s External Advisory Board is composed of entrepreneurs, energy industry representatives, national lab leadership, and the research community. Together, this group advises UMEI on its progress, mission, and challenges ahead.

  • Mike Ableson

    • Chief Executive Officer
      Arrival Automotive North America
  • Mark Finley

    • Fellow in Energy and Global Oil, Baker Institute at Rice University
  • Russ Ford

    • Oil & Gas Industry Executive at Russell G Ford II LLC; Former Executive Vice President, Contracting and Procurement at Royal Dutch Shell
  • Christopher Grundler

    • Director
      Office of Atmospheric Programs
      Environmental Protection Agency
  • Howard Learner

    • President and Executive Director
      Environmental Law and Policy Center
  • Ted Miller

    • Senior Manager, Energy Storage and Materials Strategy and Research at Ford Motor Company
  • Michael Pcolinski

    • Vice President Advanced Materials & Systems Research, BASF
  • Jim Saber

    • President & CEO, NextEnergy
  • Kevin Self

    • Senior Vice President Strategy, Business Development & Government Relations at Schneider Electric
  • Dan Sperling

    • Director, Institute of Transportation Studies at University of California, Davis