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Herek Clack

Research Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering

Research focuses on the study, characterization, and enhancement of fluid, thermal, and mass transport processes, primarily associated with combustion and combustion emissions control. Specific areas of interest include: droplet combustion, especially involving radiant heating effects; control of trace toxic and metallic compounds emitted as a result of fossil fuel combustion; electrostatic precipitation and novel uses of electro-hydrodynamics (EHD) to augment heat and mass transfer; particulate carbon emissions and their climate forcing effects, especially as they intersect with other air pollutant emissions. Activities are primarily experimental in nature, with computational modeling used to extrapolate to larger scales or to experimentally challenging environments. This research has funding from and implications for both industrial clients and federal and international agencies tasked with addressing environmental hazards relating to air quality and the emission of air pollutants.


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