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L. Jay Guo

Professor: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Macromolecular Science and Engineering, Applied Physics

Research interests include:

-Nanocavity arrays produce angle-insensitive spectrum color filters with resolution beyond diffraction limit
-New Optoacoustic lens converts pulsed light to highly focused ultrasound down to human hair size
-Electrostatic confinement and assembly of nanoparticles
-Carbon Nanotube forest based coating that render objects invisible in dark background
-Light-harvesting color filters, and colored organic solar cells
-Roll to roll printed polymer organic solar cell based on a new ESSENCIAL technique-
-Multifunctional plasmonic color filters
-High efficiency optoacoustic source based on CNT-PDMS composite
-Ultra-high sensitivity polymer microring ultrasound detector
-Spontaneous micropattern creation by localized wrinkling effect-
-High speed dynamic nanoinscribing to create seamless nanogratings
-Continuous roll-to-roll nanoimprint on flexible and rigid substrates


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