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Energy Economics Weekly Briefings

  • 08/29/17

    Energy Exchange Traded Funds

    Written by: Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

    Key Takeaways: Energy exchange traded funds have exploded in recent years. In principle, this is a positive development because it has made investing in the energy sector less expensive, thereby providing more funds for capital spending in the sector. Most recently, investors are voting with their purse: year-to- date returns…

  • 08/22/17

    Consumer Prices for Energy

    Written by: Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

    Key Takeaways: Energy price inflation at the retail level collapsed in the mid- 2014 through mid-2016. Overall consumers are facing attractive pricing across the board, from the pump to the grid. Energy prices are unpredictable and factor into planning and budgeting across the economy, especially for the consumer.While businesses have…

  • 08/15/17

    Global Electric Vehicle Sales

    Written by: Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

    Key Takeaways: Electric vehicle sales are growing at a double digit pace. Electrified vehicles are one pathway to increased vehicle automation and cutbacks in emissions. But this trend will likely play out over several years, even if you think autonomous vehicles are coming quickly. Many analysts conclude that electrified vehicles…

  • 08/04/17

    U.S. Consumer Spending on Energy

    Written by: Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

    Key Takeaway: Consumer spending on energy is growing much slower than the overall economy since 2014, partly driven by the decline in energy pricing. Updated data on consumer spending were just released by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Purchases of gasoline and energy goods have been declining in recent years….