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  • 08/11/20

    Transportation, Energy, Economics and the Environment (TE3) Conference

    This year the University of Michigan Energy Institute will host the Transportation, Energy, Economics and the Environment (TE3) conference online as a two-part webinar 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Thursday and Friday, October 8-9, 2020. Topics will include grid integration for electric vehicles and behavioral factors in the vehicle market. See the TE3 website for program details and registration.

  • 08/04/20

    Newsletter August 2020

    The Energy Institute offers congratulations to faculty affiliates Johanna Mathieu, for receiving a Henry Russel Award, and Zetian Mi for being selected as an IEEE Photonics Society Distinguished Lecturer. It also highlights several upcoming activities, including the Fastest Path to Zero Summit and TE3 webinars, as well as several new…

  • 07/23/20

    Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium

    The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) held its Summer Symposium online this year during the afternoons of Monday, July 27 – Thursday July 30, 2020. It included presentations by the 20 outstanding UROP Fellows sponsored by the Energy Institute. 

  • 07/09/20

    What Are the Tipping Points for EVs?

    On Wednesday and Thursday, July 15-16, 2020, 9:00 am – noon, Automotive Futures held this year’s Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century conference. Featuring top experts from academia, industry and the automotive analysis community, the event explored the multiple factors faced by manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, consumers and policymakers that will tip the scales toward electric vehicle adoption in the years ahead. Held online this year, registration is free for U-M students, faculty and staff.

  • 07/02/20

    Tackling Energy Poverty

    On Thursday July 9, 2020 at 11:00 am, Tony Reames of the School for Environment and Sustainability will be a panelist in a webinar on “Tackling Energy Poverty – Domestic and International Strategies, Challenges and Insights.” The discussion will focus on equitable energy burdens and consumption strategies during COVID-19, and is part of Carnegie Mellon University’s webinar series, “Energy, Resilience and COVID-19: Pivoting in 2020.” 

  • 07/01/20

    Newsletter July 2020

    This month’s Energy Institute newsletter features congratulations to assistant professors David Kwabi for his receipt of the ASME Pi Tau Sigma Gold Medal and Wenhao Sun for his DOE Early Career research grant. It also welcomes Rebecca Pickens, the institute’s new postdoctoral fellow working on energy social science, and highlights recent…

  • 06/25/20

    Responding to the Crisis and the Climate Challenge

    On Wednesday July 1 at 11:oo am, ThirdWay is hosting a webinar on “Responding to the Crisis: Climate and the 2020 Campaign,” featuring Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg and other political luminaries. This event is part of an interactive web panel series on how policymakers and thought leaders can continue to…

  • 06/18/20

    Global Economic Impact of Covid-19 & the Energy Industry

    On June 18, 2020 University of Michigan Professor of Business Administration, Nejat Seyhun, and Daniel Raimi, Lecturer at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy and Senior Research Associate at Resources for the Future, discussed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the energy industry as well as the global…

  • 06/01/20

    Accounting for the Fuel Efficiency of Connected Vehicles

    Although the COVID-19 pandemic showed us how telecommuting can radically reduce driving and associated emissions, it will constrain using car-shared services and buses. The fuel efficiency of personally owned passenger vehicles is again going to be extremely critical for climate protection and energy security. Connectivity can provide the information needed…

  • 04/06/20

    DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Annual Merit Review

    The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) will hold its 2020 Annual Merit Review (AMR) virtually on June 1-4, 2020. Visit the AMR webpage for more information and registration. The Annual Merit Review is a key event each year at VTO, which is one of the Sustainable…