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  • 06/26/15

    Energy in the news: Friday, June 26

    Three new kinds of battery that just might change the world (feat. Battery Lab Manager Greg Less) Gizmodo So, it’s time to ask again: Why aren’t we all driving around in oxygen-powered cars? Well, the chemical reaction that produces energy in these batteries also happens to come with a considerable…

  • 06/25/15

    Video: Check out the Battery’s Lab’s Prismatic Cell Winder

    This week, technicians at the University of Michigan Battery Lab installed the facility’s prismatic cell winder. The machine places punched anode and cathode coupons between layers of separator film in a precision process to create a battery similar to what you might find in your cellphone, tablet, or laptop computer….

  • 06/19/15

    Energy Faculty Profile: Carol Menassa, Civil and Environmental Engineering

    About Carol Menassa’s research Using tools such as energy simulation, systems modeling and informatics, Menassa looks at energy use in buildings. One of her current projects collects data from buildings on both the UM campus as well as a structure at Roosevelt University in Chicago.  The data collected is both…

  • 06/19/15

    Energy in the news: Friday, June 19

    Beware Casting Pope Francis as a Caped Climate Crusader New York Times All eyes are on the Vatican after an Italian news magazine leaked what is very likely the final text (the Italian translation) of Pope Francis’s forthcoming encyclical letter on humanity’s obligations to protect the environment, avoid dangerous climate change and…

  • 06/12/15

    UMEI Director Mark Barteau pens RPS op-ed

    Titled “Increasing Michigan’s renewable energy portfolio is a no-risk strategy customers would embrace,” Barteau’s piece is excerpted below.  It’s time for our Legislature to listen to the people about renewable energy. That may sound like a Tea Party battle cry. Far from it. It’s time for the legislature to ignore…

  • 06/12/15

    Energy in the news: Friday, June 12

    Is there a renaissance in US manufacturing? Numbers don’t add up CNBC Sridhar Kota is a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan and a board member of the coincidentally named Manufacturing Renaissance, a Chicago-based nonprofit champion of advanced manufacturing. He also served from 2009–12 in the White House Office…

  • 06/10/15

    Energy Survey: When gasoline prices fell, most consumers did not change their minds about how much they felt they could pay

    The University of Michigan Energy Survey has released its latest results, condensing six quarters of data into a succinct analysis of American consumers’ personal views about energy. This short summary explores attitudes about gasoline and home energy affordability in the context of the past year’s dynamic gasoline prices. The full…

  • 06/04/15

    Energy in the news: Friday, June 5, 2015

    Transportation lab revs up for role in climate crackdown E&E News U.S. EPA’s National Fuel and Vehicle Emissions Laboratory – a big player in early Clean Air Act crackdowns on tailpipe pollution– is getting a makeover for the battle against global warming. A five-year, $50 million overhaul is adding a…

  • 05/28/15

    With REFRESCH research, Kazakh U-M grad student brings project home

    When a U-M research team visited Kazakhstan this Spring, they brought with them decades of engineering experience, an interest in the status of the country’s aquaculture, and Ainash Childebayeva, a Kazakh U-M grad student who added her language skills and graduate research projects to the team. Childebayeva is a first-year…

  • 05/04/15

    Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project awards $100,000 in nuclear research seed grants

    Projects that promise to power deep space missions, add new capabilities to neutron research, and improve cancer diagnostics and treatment are each the recipients of $25,000 Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project (MMPP) seed grants. Seed grants allow researchers exploring peaceful applications of nuclear energy to better define research that appears promising…