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  • 04/30/15

    Did you miss Margo Oge's visit to U-M? Check out the audio here.

    Key clean air figure Margo Oge visited Ann Arbor this Earth Day to promote her new book, “Driving the Future: Combating Climate Change with Cleaner, Smarter Cars.” Oge served at the US Environmental Protection Agency for 32 years, 18 of them as Director of the Office of Transportation Air Quality….

  • 04/27/15

    Trip logs: Check out the latest REFRESCH project updates

    REFRESCH, an acronym for Researching Fresh Solutions to the Energy/ Water/ Food Challenge in Resource-Constrained Environments, is a Third Century Initiative project led by Prof. Johannes Schwank of the Energy Institute. The Third Century Initiative is a highly competitive $50 million, five-year funded research program developed by the Office of the Provost. Its…

  • 04/21/15

    Interdisciplinary U-M team nets hydrogen storage materials research grant

    A multidisciplinary University of Michigan research group exploring more efficient materials for hydrogen fuel cells has been awarded a $1.2 million Department of Energy (DOE) grant aimed at isolating and developing “best-in-class” hydrogen storage technology. The project investigates man-made compounds, called metal-organic frameworks, or MOFs (pictured). MOFs are constructed from metal…

  • 04/17/15

    Construction progress continues at the BattLab

    Trucks rolled in to the Energy Institute BattLab last week, delivering pilot line electrode preparation equipment, including the coater, electro-densification press, and a slitter. The BattLab’s dry room construction is complete save for air handling equipment, and glove boxes have arrived. The lab’s power x-ray defractometer, cyclers and thermal chambers…

  • 03/25/15

    Environment pulls ahead of affordability as Americans’ top energy-related concern

    The University of Michigan Energy Survey has released its latest results, condensing five quarters of data into a succinct analysis of American consumers’ personal views about energy. The results are available here in PDF format. Key findings include: 60% of Americans say that they personally worry a fair amount or a…

  • 02/27/15

    Planet Blue Blog: The Keystone veto: the right decision, but now let’s approve the pipeline

    See this article on the U.S. Conversation here.  See an unabridged version of this article on the Planet Blue Blog, here.  On Tuesday, President Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline bill. It’s an action one would expect from a serious Constitutional scholar of any political stripe; the bill is an attempted encroachment of the…

  • 02/23/15

    Draft U-M report analyzes policy options for hydraulic fracturing in Michigan

    An interdisciplinary team of University of Michigan researchers have released a detailed draft analysis of policy options for hydraulic fracturing, the natural gas and oil extraction process commonly known as fracking. The draft final report of the U-M Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan Integrated Assessment consists of seven chapters totaling more…

  • 02/05/15

    The flaws behind policies to promote low-carbon fuels

    ANN ARBOR—Nearly all of the studies used to promote biofuels as climate-friendly alternatives to petroleum fuels are flawed and need to be redone, according to a University of Michigan researcher who reviewed more than 100 papers published over more than two decades. Once the erroneous methodology is corrected, the results…

  • 01/28/15

    U-M survey reveals how personal concerns, income shape consumer attitudes about energy

    Americans are just as concerned about energy’s impact on the environment as they are about its affordability, according to first-year results of the University of Michigan Energy Survey. Consumers also express much greater sensitivity to higher gasoline prices than they do to higher home energy bills. Conducted quarterly, the U-M…

  • 01/27/15

    What’s Next for the Automobile

    Feature article written for the introduction to the January 2015 issue of Scientific American Classics: The Rise of the Automobile.  This special issue collects Scientific American articles about cars dating from 1903 through recently, along with an essay by U-M Energy Institute research professor John DeCicco that takes a look at the future evolution…