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  • 10/06/14

    In case you missed it: An American Town Hall: Energy & the Midterm Elections

    What do your elected officials and state leaders believe is in our country’s energy future–and what’s in store for Michigan? What decisions will they make, and which direction will they take, if elected, to ensure that the United States remains at the forefront of global energy innovation and domination? How…

  • 09/04/14

    CERC-CVC annual meeting deep-dives into transportation R&D

    Officials from the U.S. Department of Energy, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, faculty and students from the University of Michigan- led Clean Energy Research Center- Clean Vehicle Consortium (CERC-CVC) and industry partners met in Ann Arbor on August 11th and 12th to review progress on the initiative’s joint clean…

  • 08/04/14

    U-M Energy, Manufacturing Leadership Institutes Release Shale Gas: A Game Changer for American Manufacturing

    ANN ARBOR – The American shale gas boom has the potential to revitalize domestic manufacturing, and a new report from a University of Michigan-led panel recommends steps to make that happen in a responsible manner. Those steps include increasing public trust of hydraulic fracturing; monitoring and reducing methane emissions; and…

  • 07/31/14

    THE CONVERSATION: Keystone XL and the War on Drugs

    This piece was first published on The Hill; see the original here. No, the proposed Keystone XL pipeline will NOT carry black tar heroin. But whether you think that diluted bitumen from the Canadian oil sands is better or worse than heroin, there may be a lesson from the “war on drugs.” No, I haven’t been…

  • 07/18/14

    $3M global sustainability grant to fund collaborative energy, food problem-solving on three continents

    Electricity for rainforest villages in Gabon. Tent fabric that harvests solar energy for nomadic people in Kazakhstan. A modular greenhouse and fish farm in an unused industrial building in Highland Park, Michigan. These are some of the goals and possibilities a team of 17 researchers will pursue with a new…

  • 07/14/14

    In case you missed it: Energy Institute in the news

    In case you missed them, below you’ll find a digest of summer stories featuring work and commentary by Energy Institute Faculty Affiliates.  Will EPA carbon rules push Michigan harder on clean energy? -MidWest Energy News A policymaking storm is brewing in Michigan as state officials and lawmakers simultaneously devise a…

  • 06/25/14

    Consumers worry about energy’s impact on environment regardless of income

    No matter what their income bracket, American consumers all express an equal degree of “personal worry” about the impact of energy use on the environment, according to the newest findings of the University of Michigan Energy Survey. A joint effort of the U-M Energy Institute and Institute for Social Research,…

  • 06/11/14

    Pure Energy: Michigan Energy Club Co-founder Ashwin Salvi settles in at ARPA-E

    Ashwin Salvi, a University of Michigan Mechanical Engineering Ph.D graduate and Michigan Energy Club co-founder is applying the interdisciplinary energy experience he gained at U-M as a Fellow at the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) focusing on combustion systems and engines. Based in Washington, D.C., ARPA-E Fellows assist…

  • 05/19/14

    Homeland security, cancer research projects benefit from Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project’s new round of nuclear seed grants

    A new round of seed funding from the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project (MMPP) will allow exploration of two projects aimed at improving cancer treatment and one to test improvement to wearable radiation monitoring. Phoenix Project seed grants are an outgrowth of the MMPP’s original mission, established in 1948, that: “…the…

  • 05/01/14

    Glotzer Elected to National Academy of Sciences

    Sharon Glotzer, the Stuart W. Churchill Professor of Chemical Engineering and a UMEI Faculty Affiliate, is among the most recent inductees to the National Academy of Sciences. Her induction was announced Tuesday. Membership in the NAS is one of the highest distinctions for a scientist or engineer in the United States….