News & Events


  • 11/19/19

    New control strategies for fuel cells: dissertation defense by Alireza Goshtasbi

    On Monday, November 25 at 11:00 am, Ph.D. candidate Alireza Goshtasbi will present “Modeling, Parameter Identification, and Degradation-Conscious Control of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells,” as the public defense of his dissertation for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Hydrogen fueled PEM cells offer a zero-emission alternative to the internal…

  • 11/12/19

    Energy Transitions and the Trump Administration

    On Thursday, November 21 at noon, Professor Alexandra Klass from University of Minnesota Law School will speak on “U.S. Energy Transitions in the Trump Administration.” She will discuss recent developments in U.S. energy law, policy, economics and technology in light of the dramatic policy shifts announced by President Trump and his…

  • 11/06/19

    “Paris to Pittsburg” film screening and panel discussion

    Coming up on November 12 is a free screening of the National Geographic documentary, “Paris to Pittsburgh.” This film captures the current state of the national debate over America’s energy future, examining how progress is being made in communities across the country in spite of U.S. political leaders’ decision to…

  • 11/03/19

    Can we make nuclear energy relevant in time to mitigate climate change?

    This week’s NERS Colloquium will feature Ning Li of the Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation, which is commercializing “Nuclear Energy 2.0” with fundamentally safe and manufactured systems that lower costs and can restore public confidence in the technology. Dr. Li will discuss how researchers and industry can rejuvenate nuclear power quickly…

  • 10/30/19

    Learning from Community Reactions to Wind Energy

    At this week’s NERS Colloquium, Sarah Mills of the Ford School will discuss her recent research that examines the disparate community responses to wind energy projects. Lessons from her research findings can apply to nuclear energy as as another potential climate solution. Sarah will highlight the importance of procedural justice…

  • 10/22/19

    Congressman Ted Deutch to speak on climate change politics

    On Monday, October 28, the University of Michigan Law School will host Congressman Ted Deutch (Class of 1991; D-FL) for a lecture entitled, “Climate Change Politics in Congress: Is a Bi-Partisan Agreement Possible?” Congressman Deutch represents Florida’s 22nd district, home to communities in northern Broward County and southeastern Palm Beach…

  • 10/21/19

    Transportation, Economics, Energy and the Environment (TE3) Conference

    This year’s Conference on Transportation, Economics, Energy and the Environment, held on Friday, October 18, 2019, had over 300 registrants and examined the electrification of transportation worldwide, highlighting developments in the United States and China.

  • 09/12/19

    As Electric School Buses Roll, the Energy Institute Will Analyze the Data

    The State of Michigan today hosted a rollout ceremony for the first of 17 all-electric school buses that will soon start serving children across the state. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and representatives of the seven school districts to receive the buses were on hand for the event along with Liesl Clark,…

  • 09/11/19

    Energy Leaders & Luminaries Seminar Series

    Jennifer Rumsey, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Cummins, Inc., will visit campus on September 13 to discuss how industry applies innovation with impact to create the most advanced technologies and products that directly improve climate change and air quality.

  • 08/02/19

    Energy in the News: Friday, August 2

    According to new research from Steve Skerlos, pulling carbon dioxide out of the air using a technology called “direct air capture,” or DAC, will not be the silver bullet for curbing climate change that some hoped it would be.  Don’t miss Ellen Hughes-Cromwick’s latest energy economics briefing where she reviews…