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Call for papers: University of Michigan Transportation, Economics, Energy, and the Environment Conference (TE3)

Conference Date:  10/28/16

Paper Submission Deadline: COB Wednesday, June 1, 2016 

The University of Michigan Energy Institute and the Michigan Institute for Teaching and Research in Economics will host the third annual TE3 conference on Friday October 28, 2016. Held in the heart of the nation’s automotive industry, leading researchers and members of the automotive, energy, and regulatory communities will debate key fuel-economy and emissions issues in the current economic and policy landscape.

We invite researchers to submit papers for presentation at the conference that offer economic, policy, or social science analyses of transportation-related energy and environmental questions addressing (though not necessarily limited to) the following topics:

  • Fuel economy and GHG emissions regulations
  • Technology incentives (e.g., tax credits for electric and other types of vehicles)
  • Alternative fuels (including biofuels, electricity, hydrogen and natural gas)
  • Commercial vehicles and fleets
  • Consumer adoption, driving and refueling behavior for alternative fuels and vehicles
  • Transportation-related energy and commodity markets, including those for biofuels
  • Infrastructure for vehicles and fuels
  • Public transit and other modal choice impacts on energy demand and GHG emissions
  • Consumer behavior around carpooling, car sharing and new mobility services
  • Interactions of policies with changing energy prices and market volatility

Please submit papers in PDF format by email to Kelly Chantelois at Complete papers are required: abstracts or slides will not be accepted.

Final versions of accepted papers will be due on Friday, September 30, 2016. The TE3 conference does not publish proceedings, and therefore welcomes the presentation of working papers or articles slated for separate publication in archival journals.


John DeCicco, University of Michigan Energy Institute

Ryan Kellogg, University of Michigan Economics Department

Tom Lyon, University of Michigan Energy Institute and Ross School of Business


TE3 is Co-Organized and Hosted by:

The University of Michigan Energy Institute

The Michigan Institute for Teaching and Research in Economics