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DeCicco featured in Marketplace Morning Report

Energy Institute Research Professor John DeCicco was featured in a Marketplace Morning Report piece titled “Your electric car may be a carbon polluter.” The piece highlighted a working paper that will be featured in this fall’s Conference on Transportation, Economics, Energy and the Environment (more info on the conference is viewable here).

The article is excerpted below:

For some years now, driving an electric car has been viewed by many as the ultimate badge of environmental consciousness. If you just look at the car, electric vehicles are about as clean as they come — no combustion engine, no emissions. But that doesn’t mean they don’t contribute to pollution.

Electric cars run on electricity, and the great majority of electricity is created at power plants. Depending on where you live, generating the electricity for your electric car may create more carbon emissions than a standard gasoline engine.

“It depends on where they’re being driven,” Nick Muller says. Muller is a researcher at the National Bureau of Economic Research, where he co-wrote a working paper comparing emissions produced by gasoline cars versus those at power plants. The results produced a mixed bag for electric cars. 

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