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Energy in the News: Friday, June 28

On Thursday, we co-hosted an electric vehicle (EV) workshop with local businesses to talk about the incentives of installing charging stations on-site.

Andy LaBarre from the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Regional Chamber kicked off the event by welcoming the crowd and sharing the business perks of EV chargers. Charles Griffith of the Ecology Center talked about the importance of electrifying the transportation sector. Energy Institute Director, Anna Stefanopoulou, followed with an overview of U-M’s battery research and the future of e-mobility. 

From there, the City of Ann Arbor talked about electrification efforts across the city. To close, DTE Energy and multiple charger installation companies spoke about incentive programs and next steps to get chargers installed. To learn more, check out DTE’s Charging Forward program, here

Faculty in the News: 

  • “What we’re seeing is a tale of two climate nations,” said Professor Barry Rabe, director of the Center for Local, State and Urban Policy, to the New York Times about the growing number of “blue states” adopting climate laws while right-leaning states lag behind.  
  • Professor Richard Rood told Mother Jones that this spring’s chaos, marked by frequent storms and epic floods, is “not a one-off event” in corn and soybean country, even as the USDA downplays its own research on climate change. 
  • In a Washington Post article, Professor Michael Traugott, Center for Political Studies, said polling that suggests voters do not support electric vehicles appears biased. 

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What to Read:

Michigan state parks could be opened for electric vehicle charging stations

Detroit Free Press

A package of bipartisan bills introduced in the state House and Senate on Wednesday would, among other things, allow the state to open up state parks and park-and-ride lots to install or lease space for charging stations.


In lobbying battle for electric vehicle tax credit, it’s car makers vs. the oil and gas industry

Washington Post

The loss of the credits will hurt those companies at the forefront of electric vehicle development, erasing their advantage over gasoline-powered cars and putting them at a disadvantage to other makers of electric vehicles.


L.A. to Vegas and Back by Electric Car: 8 Hours Driving; 5 More Plugged In

New York Times

To better understand what life with an electric car is like, a New York Times writer hopped into a Chevrolet Bolt and traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, a 540-mile round trip. 


Grants from Detroit’s DTE Bring Zero-emission Electric School Buses to Ann Arbor, Roseville

Detroit Business Magazine

DTE Energy is funding zero-emission electric school buses for two southeastern Michigan school districts. The partnership was selected by the state of Michigan to receive funding for six Thomas Built “Jouley” Buses powered by Proterra, as well as charging equipment. DTE will also partner with the schools to implement a vehicle-to-grid study that will allow the utility to better understand the effects of battery storage technology.


Why Electrified Transportation Needs Microgrids

Greentech Media

In the aftermath of the 2012 derecho, Montgomery County, Maryland launched an aggressive effort to improve resilience at its expansive government facilities. Part of the wide-ranging solution the county ultimately settled on and completed last year was to combine electric vehicle (EV) charging with the construction of two microgrids at critical government buildings.