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Energy in the News: Friday, June 7

This week, Anna Stefanopoulou, director of the Energy Institute, spoke about living laboratories for connected and electric vehicles at the 2019 Ann Arbor Mobility Summit.

Electric Vehicle (EV) sales exceeded 5.1 million in 2018, marking an increase of 63 percent from the previous year. In this week’s Energy Economics Weekly Briefing, Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, associate director of social science and policy, reviews the International Energy Agency’s annual Global EV Outlook.

Faculty in the News

  • Gregory A. Keoleian, director of the University of Michigan Center for Sustainable Systems, published ten new “Green Principles” for managing the full lifecycle of EV batteries in the Journal of Energy Storage.
  • Jonathan Overpeck, dean at the School for Environment and Sustainability, authored an editorial in Science calling for climate action with Cecilia Conde, a researcher in the Center of Atmospheric Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.
  • David Uhlmann, director of the Environmental Law and Policy program, spoke to the New York Times about Juliana v. United States, a case that asks whether young people have a constitutional right to be protected from climate change.

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What to Read

EPA allows expanded use of ethanol-gasoline mix

PBS Newshour

The Trump administration is following through on a plan to allow year-round sales of gasoline mixed with 15% ethanol, ending a summertime ban imposed out of concerns for increased smog from the higher ethanol blend.


PJM looks to plug ‘leaks’ sprouting from patchwork of state carbon policies

Energy News Network

The nation’s largest electric grid operator is grappling with how to prevent state climate policies from merely pushing emissions — and costs — across state lines.


Mandates or open markets?

PV Magazine

There is a stark partisan division over clean/renewable energy mandates in the United States. Are they necessary to achieve rapid decarbonization?


Colorado wants to spark move to electric vehicles in a big way — with buses, trucks, fleets

The Denver Post

The push to electrify more of the state’s vehicles gained traction in May when the state Air Quality Control Commission voted to move ahead on developing a standard for zero-emission vehicles. The rule would require that a certain percentage of manufacturers’ vehicles sold in Colorado be electric starting with the 2023 model year.


While Colorado is ready for more renewable energy, the grid isn’t — for now

Colorado Public Radio

By 2030, Colorado plans to cut the emission of climate-warming pollution by 50 percent, but the grid was never designed to handle the more fluctuating energy that renewables provide. Energy providers worry that new sources of clean energy could test the system’s limits.


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer opens up more Michigan farmland to solar power

Bridge Magazine

Landowners in Michigan’s Farmland and Open Space Preservation program may now put commercial solar panels on their land. The move reverses a 2017 decision under then-Gov. Rick Snyder that barred solar power development in the preservation program, which covers about one-third of the state’s 10 million acres of farmland.