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Tackling Energy Poverty

Tackling Energy Poverty webinar

On Thursday July 9, 2020, Tony Reames of the School for Environment and Sustainability will be a panelist in a webinar organized by Carnegie Mellon University on “Tackling Energy Poverty – Domestic and International Strategies, Challenges and Insights.”

In today’s uncertain economic and social climates, working through energy production and consumption strategies that advocate for everyone can be challenging. This webinar will explore how regions with significant energy burdens are surviving COVID-19 and other disruptions, and how they are rethinking community engagement, innovation and policy to build a sustainable future. Part of Carnegie Mellon University’s webinar series, “Energy, Resilience and COVID-19: Pivoting in 2020,” the webinar will be held 11:00 – 11:45 am EDT and registration is free.