University of Michigan Battery Lab

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The Battery Lab is an open user facility capable of testing single cells, handmade cells, and batches of up to 25 semi-automated pilot-line cells.

For future users, it is required you complete the University of Michigan laboratory safety training. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Complete steps 1 and 2 for guests without a UM uniqname

3. Once registered complete BLS025W (General Lab Safety).

4. Be aware that this test can be very long – if you are unfamiliar with lab safety and watch each segment of the video all the way through, it is approximately 4 hours long.

Facility Specifications

The lab includes the following equipment:

Laboratory Scale
Pilot Scale
Hivis Mix 2p-03
Buhler: Hivis Disper Mix 3D-5 & 3D-10
Primix: FILMIX 56-30
TA Instruments: DHR2 Rheometer
Mathis Labcoater
CIS: Multicoating Type
CIS:  150°C
CIS: 2kN/cm, 150°C
Electrode Preparation
CIS:  manual electrode punches
CIS: slitting machine
mPlus: prismatic electrode punches
mPlus: prismatic electrode punches
Cell Assembly
Toyo: coin cell de-crimper
Toyo: coin cell crimper
KOEM 18650 cell winder
mPlus: 18650 cell assembly
mPlus: prismatic cell assembly
Maccor System #1
Channels: 24
Current: 50A
Voltage: 0-5V
Thermal Chamber
Maccor System #2
Channels: 72
Current: 10A
Voltage: 0-5V
Thermal Chamber
Maccor System #3
Channels: 48
Current: 150µA – 5A
Voltage: 0-5V
Thermal Chamber
Maccor System #4
Channels: 96
Current: 30µA – 1A
Voltage: 0-5V
Thermal Chamber
Thermal Hazard Technology: Accelerated Rate Calorimeter
Luna: Fiber Optic Strain and Temperature Gauge
Hitachi: S3500N SEM w/ EDAX
Princeton Applied Research Scanning Electrochemical Probe Microscope
Solartron 1260 and ModuLab (attached to Maccors 2&4, 16 channels each)  Impedance Analyzers
Rigaku MiniFlex 600 Table-top X-ray Diffractometer
Vacuum Atmosphere Genesis Glove Boxes
Horiba Micro Raman Spectrometer
Beckman Coulter Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer
TA Instruments Differential Scanning Calorimeter
TA Instruments Thermogravimetric Analyzer
Micrometrics BET Surface Area Analysis


Battery Lab Industrial User Pricing

The Battery Lab is focused on helping customers scale up battery innovations. We rent out the pilot scale facility by the day to customers looking to build 18650 and pouch cell batteries (72 mm x 110 mm, stack height up to 10 mm). Customers are assisted in using the equipment by the Battery Lab staff. Pricing for renting the pilot-scale battery equipment is $3,000/day. On average, building a batch of 25 18650 or pouch cells will take up to a week in the lab, at a total cost of $15,000 plus consumables.

Note: The cost of renting the pilot-scale battery equipment will increase to $3,500/day starting January 2019.

Instrument / Activity External Rate
ARC $1,500/test
SEM $160/hr
Raman $292/hr
Luna Fiberoptic System $150/hr
Rheometer $160/hr
Powder X-Ray Diffractometer $150/hr
Scanning Electrochemical Probe $150/hr
EIS $150/hr
Cycler Channel $15/day
Thermal Chamber $15/day
Primix – 300 mL $100/batch
Primix Homogenizer $50/batch
Primix – 5 L $400/hr
Coin Cell Fabrication $400/hr
Pilot Coating $400/hr
Pilot Calendaring $400/hr
18650 Slitting $400/hr
18650 Assembly $400/hr
Prismatic Pouch Assembly $400/hr