Energy-related publications by CLOSUP at the Ford School for Public Policy

Source Title: Ford School for Public Policy

The Center for Local, State, and Urban Policy (CLOSUP) conducts, supports and fosters applied academic research to inform local, state, and urban policy issues. Their Energy and Environmental Policy Initiative brings the latest academic knowledge to bear on issues of energy, environment, and climate policy. Below you’ll find a list of links to energy – specific CLOSUP publications.


Fuel Economy, Electric Vehicle Rebates, and Gas Taxes: 10 Years of Transportation Policies in the NSEE

As Americans Experienced the Warmest May on Record Their Acceptance of Global Warming Reaches a New High

American Opinions on Carbon Taxes and Cap-and-Trade: 10 Years of Carbon Pricing in the NSEE

Should State and Local Governments Address Climate Change? 10 Years of Climate Federalism in the NSEE

Coal, Natural Gas, and Pipelines: 10 Years of Fossil Fuels in the NSEE

Wind Energy and Farmland Preservation

Advice for Rural Communities and Planners about Wind Energy


A Majority of Americans Support Net Energy Metering

Strong Public Support for State-level Policies to Address Climate Change

Moving the needle on American support for a carbon tax

Fiscal Impacts of Wind Energy on Michigan’s Schools

Views of Wind Development from Michigan’s Windfarm Communities


Fewer Americans Doubt Global Warming is Occurring


American Attitudes about the Clean Power Plan and Policies for Compliance

Acceptance of Global Warming Rising for Americans of all Religious Beliefs


Farming the Wind: The Impact of Wind Energy on Farming

Public Support for Regulation of Power Plant Emissions Under the Clean Power Plan


Wind power as a community issue in Michigan

Fracking as a community issue in Michigan


Wind Energy Development in the Great Lakes Region: Current Issues and Public Opinion

Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing in the Great Lakes Region: Current Issues and Public Opinion

Environmental Policy in the Great Lakes Region: Current Issues and Public Opinion