About the Conference

The University of Michigan’s Conference on Transportation, Economics, Energy and Environment (TE3) brings economic scholars together with government and industry practitioners to exchange ideas and strengthen collective knowledge for addressing the economics of transportation energy and environmental policy challenges.  

Through the lens of economic analysis, what transportation energy and environmental policies will foster progress toward long-term climate protection goals given the volatility of energy markets and uncertainties in consumer behavior?

Conference themes have kept pace with the changing economics of mobility given evolving business models and energy landscape. Relevant factors include technology advances, investment in the transportation sector, fuels and related infrastructure; changing demands for travel; social issues including changeable consumer behavior; and new mobility services, car sharing, public transportation, and other mode choice issues. The conference themes are cutting edge and capture tensions between current low fuel prices and tightening fuel economy and GHG emissions standards, as well as longer-term issues around aligning infrastructure, fuel, vehicle design, and consumer education for a sustainable future.

Hosted by the University of Michigan Energy Institute, this year’s conference will include four panels and two paper sessions on economic and policy research that addresses energy use in the transportation sector and its environmental implications. Last year’s conference featured an outstanding selection of papers covering fuel economy and emissions, technology incentives, alternative fuels, consumer adoption and behavior, impact of vehicle scrappage programs, and infrastructure.

Conference Organizing Committee

John DeCicco
TE3 Co-Chair, University of Michigan Energy Institute

Ellen Hughes-Cromwick
TE3 Co-Chair, University of Michigan Energy Institute

Tom Lyon
TE3 Co-Chair, University of Michigan Ross School of Business