Our 2019 program will be added soon. We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

TE3 2019 Conference Theme

This year’s conference will focus on the increasing electrification of transportation worldwide, covering all forms of electrified vehicles (battery, hybrid and fuel cell) and their applications, including personal ownership, managed fleets, goods movement and mobility-as-a-service.

We are currently inviting papers that address developments in the electrification of transportation sectors worldwide, including:

  • Climate disruption and its economic damages due to excessive CO2 emissions motivate switching away from internal combustion engine vehicles. However, given the lack of CO2 pricing and the uncertainties of technology-forcing policies, the incentive to purchase an electrified vehicle (EV) has not materialized in the U.S.
  • Battery costs are declining and automakers are investing globally in new vehicle platforms optimized for electrification.
  • Mobile apps, increasing automated vehicle content and the associated data streams are enabling new modes of transportation such as ride-hailing services and disrupting existing business models for public transit and private vehicle ownership.

To learn more about this year’s conference theme and find instructions to submit a paper, visit our Call for Papers page