In partnership with the University of Michigan’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), the Energy Institute supported 20 student research fellows for the Summer 2019 program.

The students worked under faculty mentors to conduct immersive research on a range of energy-related topics, including hybrid-electric vehicle battery sizing, producing bioenergy from organic waste, energy efficiency in buildings, demographic factors that influence wind turbine siting, the impacts of oil and gas development on communities, and carbon management at the university. At the end of the summer, the UMEI-UROP fellows gave presentations on their research at the UROP Summer Symposium on July 31, 2019.

Students, faculty mentors and their projects
Student Mentor Project
Brendon Brown Andrej Lenert Passive Radiative Cooling
Chenyi Zhu Jason Siegel Battery Sizing for a Series Hybrid Vehicle
Chris Swendris Adam Matzger Synthesis and Characterization of Organic Ferroelectric Solid Solutions
Christian Cannon Tony Reames GRID Alternatives
Dhruv Tatke Rick Laine Study of NAASICON structured ceramic electrolyte thin films for solid state soldium-ion batteries
Edgar Chung Kim Kearfott Study of airflow dynamics in small building for energy conservation
Elizabeth Ratajczyk Adam Simon A Renewable Storage Grid Future
Eric Musa Bryan Goldsmith Using Machine Learning with a Genetic Algorithm for Enhanced Catalysis Research
Ethan Pattison Neil Dasgupta Lithium Metal-Operando Video Microscopy
Grant Dukus Adam Simon Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Jacob Hoffman Neil Dasgupta Intermediate-Temperature Photon-Enhanced CO2 Reduction
Jiaheng He Rachel Goldman Identifying Defects and their Electronic Signatures in Regrown GaN Heterostructures
John Cousineau Bart Bartlett Photocatalysts for Biomass Conversion Reactions
Josh Cooper Bart Bartlett Kinetics of Photoelectrochemical Processes on WO3 Powers and Films
Kamryn Hayes Daniel Raimi Community Impacts of Oil and Gas Development
Leah Adelman Sarah Mills Wind Turbines and Job Creation
Lucy Aley Lutgarde Raskin Producing Bio-energy from Organic Waste in a Two-Phase Anaerobic Bioreactor
Madeleine Bahorski Al-Thaddeus Avestruz Highly Enhanced Immersion Cooling of High Power Semiconductor Devices Using Magnetic Convection of Paramagnetic Nanoparticle Suspensions
Mayur Bandekar Sarah Mills Isolating the demographic factors that influence contentiousness of wind energy sites
Timothy Arvan Samuel Stolper Carbon Management at U-M